ECUBES ARCOLA Hydrogen & Flexibility

ECUBES ARCOLA is an industrial grouping delivering clean energy infrastructure by cross-sectoral infrastructure integration projects and services based on hydrogen technologies.

Solutions for new business models at electricity grid transmission system operator-level, providing the energy infrastructure of tomorrow – supporting both grid stability in countries with high penetration of renewable and intermittent sources, as well as meeting requirements for clean power and transport in developing economies.

Hydrogen and flexibility.

Hydrogen and Flexibility


ECUBES ARCOLA is a UK registered Joint Venture between Ecubes Technologies and Arcola Energy.

ECUBES TECHNOLOGIES is an energy strategy consultancy firm, with deep understanding of challenges at transmission system operator level, focusing on clean energy infrastructure and cross-sectoral power infrastructure integration. Our work include also project developments on resilience in civil and defence sector in Europe. We have been active in South Asia for many years developing a very strong network in Indonesia based on identifying a combination of acute needs and opportunities for visionary leadership.

ARCOLA ENERGY is an engineering services company specialised in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Our work includes the integration of hydrogen and fuel cells in to vehicles, as well as the design and deployment of integrated clean energy & mobility systems. We have a strong track-record of working with diverse partners to deliver integrated projects, including cutting-edge technologies, infrastructure and public engagement. We have a network of leading UK manufacturing businesses, international supply chain partners and UK academic expertise, able to rapidly deliver world-class low carbon solutions.